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Tipps für die Integration

Targeted integration

Why is the right, targeted integration so important?

The targeted and sustainable integration of the quotation calculator makes it possible for prospective customers who are searching for "heating renovation" or "bathroom renovation", for example, and thus reach the website, to recognize that there is a quotation calculator in general and that they can access it from anywhere. This makes it very easy for interested parties to use the full functionality.

The same should also apply to other contact options, such as the telephone number. This should always be in the visible area of the page visitor.

Mandatory requirement

The following points must be taken into account during integration, otherwise success in converting site visitors into potential customers will be difficult to achieve:

  • Linking or direct integration of the quotation calculator on the topic pages of the trade
  • Linking the offer calculator in the navigation (at least in the topic overview of the trade)
  • Content and benefit argumentation on the subpage of the offer calculator

Desirable points for integration

To improve the contact rate on the website, we also strongly recommend the following points:

  • Header widget on the homepage (image in the header area of the homepage with link to the quote calculator)
  • Banner on the homepage
  • Integration of the offer calculator directly on the homepage

Important factors for successful integration

The quotation calculator should be integrated in such a way that it can be optimally accessed from every relevant page. Above all, this means that the integration can be called up directly from every content page relevant to the topic (pages with the individual topics for the respective trade), or can be clearly accessed via a link.

The link should contain a call to action. For example, "Get your non-binding offer now in just a few minutes".


Make it as easy as possible for the site visitor to use the contact options (e.g. telephone number or quote calculator). The fewer clicks required to reach these options, the higher the probability of contact being made. Enormous improvements in the contact rate can be achieved here.

Contents on the page with the offer calculator

The subpage of the offer calculator should not only contain the offer calculator itself, but also text relevant to the topic.

  • Introductory text for the quotation calculator
  • Advantage argumentation, why the site visitor should use the offer calculator now
  • Text under the offer calculator why you are the right service provider for the respective topic (200-300 words)

Integration examples

The following examples show very well implemented integrations of the quotation calculator.


Subpage - Bathroom calculator, with benefits explanation for the site visitor


Integration into the header image of the start page